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Corporate Profile

Corporate name tecoLLC.
Representative member Tachiki, Shoichiro
Founded on July 1st, 2008
Capital 3,300,000 JPY
Lines of business Facilities planning and management, branding, product designing, art event planning and management, human resource educations, etc. for the sake of cultural promotions, local community vitalization, and social contribution
No. of employees 2
Regular holiday Saturday,Sunday

Namioka studio Head office
4-2, nojiri, Namiokamegasawa,Aomori-shi, Aomori  038-1311  Japan
Phone: (+81)80-3474-0995  Fax: (+81)50-3488-0221
http://www.teco-llc.net    teco-llc@teco-llc.net

Showa-dori studio
【teco gallery】
1-14-3-B, Furukawa, Aomori-shi, Aomori  030-0862  Japan
tel. (+81)80-3474-0995 fax.(+81)50-3488-0221

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