tecoLLC is a social venture business working with arts and designs. Its futuristic mission is to create social designs that help continuous vitalization of local resources. It works in many different lines of business – from creating gift items and other products to branding of apples, strategic planning of uses, human resources, marketing, etc. (not planning of the buildings and equipment themselves) of public tourism facilities, designing exhibitions at museums, and many more. We provided art direction on Kareizawa Club, a community business model utilizing an abolished school’s building, which brought us the Good Design Award 2011. Also, we are providing branding direction to Beppu Contemporary Art Festival 2012, titled “Mixed Bathing World,” which is to run from October to December 2012.

Our major business model

teco’s principle

“teco” is the Japanese for “lever.” It was the first elegant, clever way humans found to move a gigantic object with limited force. tecoLLC is a social venture business intended and designed to work as a “lever” that enables limited might of every single citizen to accomplish projects with wisdom, which in turn should move local communities and broader society. Teco organizes experts and creators from many different fields, such as arts, videos, culinary art, architecture, urban planning, designing, information technologies, tourism, and others, planning projects from a diversity of viewpoints. This way we bring together citizens, governments, businesses, schools, etc. Also, we resort to open resources, to enable everyone to participate with his/her own will and ideas, as we strive to make social innovations come true.

Let virtues be fulcra!

teco is and will be planning and carrying on cultural projects and designing that create and materialize new values, which should continuously change society. In doing so, we, teco, find and evaluate virtues already existent in the place in question and the people living there, and use these virtues as the fulcra of social change.


Our work begins with thinking over how to help the residents of the town in question bring out the best and most out of their own town. Making full use of our open-resource mechanism, which enables any citizen to join in the project in question, we bring together all those who want to “do something to make our community better!” Then we organize their opinions and ideas and help them materialize their own ideas. Thus, we help citizens, who create a whole project. This is why each community can build up its own qualities, with enthusiasm.

We, tecoLLC, examine and analyze the characteristics of a local community – its human resources, spaces, products, technologies, and so on and on. Then we recruit volunteers that suit the particular project in question, organize them, collect funds, set up the practical details of running the project, designing, branding, VI strategy, etc. In carrying out all these, we have open-resource know-how to work out the issues involved.

This method of “program development” based on a network of open resources, alluded to info-com technologies, is now used to bring “flesh-and-blood” people together and run social projects. This “development technology” we, tecoLLC, call “teco-nology,” in a play of words.

Organizing the right experts and creative talents who best suit each project

tecoLLC’s lines of business:
- Designing and producing exhibitions in public facilities
- Holding exhibitions, events, and workshops
- Planning and designing school programs
- Designing commercial facilities, stores, and shops
- Designing and developing products
- Creating posters, fliers, and other public relations tools
- Designing labels and packages
- Publications, editing
- Designing and making websites


Give me a fulcrum, and I will move the earth” – this remark is ascribed to Archimedes, who made numerous inventions using the principle of leverage.